Techniques Especially Designed to Teach the Participant "How" to Renew Their Mind in the Likeness of Jesus Christ

  Four 'Basic' Yet Powerful Patterns for Experiencing the Healing of our Lord
How to Take a Hurt (Bitter Root) to Jesus - The Pattern Only
Come Up Here: 5th Position to the Lord
The Drop-Down Through & the Mind Back Tracking Patterns
Why Don't You Just >Insert> Jesus?
Four Basic Directions of the Unconscious Mind - Questions that allow the therapist to send the client's unconscious mind in four basic directions: up, down, back and forward to gather new perspectives in viewing the problem. (These questions are also extremely useful for you to check out your own thinking concerning a specific problem.) - PDF File - New

Three different views of the same page by Karen Davis. - New

The Theological Foundation for our Consultations, Publications, and Trainings (PDF Format)
How to Foreground Jesus and to Background Porn  
The B.S. Belief Change Pattern
The Power of Negation: The "Meta-No" In Scripture
The Power of Affirmation: The "Meta-Yes" In Scripture
Neuro-Semantics for the Christian Mind - From Learning to Doing - The Mind-to-Muscle Pattern 
New Identity in Christ
Identity Development Toolkit by Doug Cartwright New
Excuse Blow-Out
Mind to Muscle Pattern
Meta-Yes/ Meta-No Pattern: Saying No to Satan and Yes to Jesus
Conversations with God - Christ in Me:  Utilizing Perceptual Positions In An Empowering Devotion by Paula Allen
Eight Keys to Personal Change - Thirteen Years of NLP: The 8 Key Structural Elements Involved in Personal Change
Learning the NLP Meta-Model of Language - Free Lesson from 308 NLP Meta-Model Flash Cards by John David Hoag
Put on the Whole Armor of God - a Technique

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