Conversations with God - Christ in Me
Utilizing Perceptual Positions In An Empowering Devotion

By Paula Allen

Usually in the morning just before going to the work. I take one last look in the mirror, and the conversation begins, with a blend of self talk and affirmations. The beauty of this pattern is you never know how the Holy Spirit will lead the conversation.

  1. I may start out saying Good Morning Father, Good Morning, Jesus, Good morning Holy Spirit.
  2. I then look deeply into my eyes, in order that I may see Christ in me from my 5th perceptual position and with a look of deep admiration and love I say “I love and adore you, Paula”.
  3. I respond to the Christ in Me, “I am confident that you love me and I receive your unchanging love, and I worship and adore you, my bridegroom lover”. You are worthy to be exalted and extolled.
  4. Christ, "I cherish you."
  5. I respond: "and I love and cherish, greatly prize and appreciate how you’ve shown your love for me, laying your life down that I might experience your abundant life in me."
  6. Christ: "You are the apple of my eye."
  7. I respond: "my vision is single, you are my light, my life and my love."
  8. This may continue for a while flowing freely between 1st perceptual position and 5th perceptual position.
  9. I then begin my affirmations (which I have written down in my bathroom), but I also allow the Holy Spirit (Christ) to confirm my personal affirmations after I’ve stated mine. Each time there is a different flow.
  1. I am a covenant woman, I have a contract with you.
  2. I am highly honored and respected by God.
  3. My confidence is in Christ, therefore I have confidence to clearly communicate at all times. Fear has no place in me.
  4. I choose to walk in the light of His love, wisdom and truth daily.
  5. I am achieving emotional mastery. I am submitted to Holy Spirit and I will control them and they will not control me.
  6. I am increasing in the revelation knowledge of God, to live and walk out His divine purpose for my life.
  7. My body and appetites are under the control of Jesus Christ and I hold His intents and purposes as it pertains to my life.
  8. I live and walk in divine health, because I walk in the light, and in the light there is no darkness and there is no disease.
  9. I am married and I have a new creation marriage. Gary and I have everything pertaining to life and godliness to live in harmony and unity with each other and Christ. We have great communications and rapport with one another, and we are one. We think like Christ, we speak like Christ and we possess the life and nature of our Bridegroom lover. We are one flesh, from the top of our heads down to our toes, in Christ.

Finally I end it with the Ownership exercise:

"Jesus’ emotional mastery is MINE, His healthy appetites are MINE, His confidence is MINE, His health is MINE, His light is MINE, His love is MINE, His mind is MINE I am my beloved’s and He is MINE."

Paula M. Allen
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 "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.  That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."- Martin Luther King Jr.

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