Mastering Blocking & Stuttering Workshops

If you can speak fluently in just one context,
you can learn to speak fluently in all contexts.

Mastering Stuttering Workshop

5-Day Intensive Training
for Gaining Fluency

Institute of Neuro-Semantics

Brisbane Australia Training

With Bob Bodenhamer and Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta

Wednesday August 23rd till Sunday August 27th 2006

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Testimonials from the July 3-7, 2006 Workshop Long Beach California

Testimonials from the Perth Australia and Charlotte North Carolina Workshops

Sarah White's Experience both before and after the Mastering Blocking & Stuttering 2004 Workshop in Perth Australia


  Training Manual for Mastering Stuttering Workshop:
Mastering Blocking and Stuttering: A Cognitive Approach to Achieving Fluency Brand New by Bobby G. Bodenhamer - Published by Crown House Publishers Wales UK
  Power Point Presentations for the Mastering Stuttering Workshop
Chapter I - Introduction to the Stuttering Matrix and States of Mind
Chapter II - The "Meaning" Matrix
Chapter III - State Management 101 - Accessing Personal Genius
Chapter IV - The "Self" Matrix
Chapter V - The "Power/Resource" Matrix
Chapter VI - The "Time" Matrix
Chapter VII - The "Other/Relationship" Matrix
Chapter VIII - The "World" Matrix
Chapter IX - The "Intention/Purpose" Matrix
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