Articles by Tim Mackesey, SLP

If you can speak fluently in just one context,
you can learn to speak fluently in all contexts.

Stuttering and Volcanoes - Most of the "meaning" lies beneath the surface
Put a Spell on Stuttering - Read about Tim's utilizing metaphors from Harry Potter in working with a 13 year old PWS. (PDF format)
Stuttering: When Attempted Solutions Become the Problem
Developing a Propulsion System for Fluency
Freedom of Speech: How I Overcame Stuttering
Straight Talk on Portable DAF: SpeechEasy™ and FluencyMaster
There is Much More than Meets the Eye Contact
The Swish Pattern

My Tangled Tongue - A Testimony by Walter Sturdivant Client of Tim Mackesey
Stuttering & Volcanoes: A Metaphor by Tim Mackesey
Kudzu & Stuttering
IS = EB: Stuttering Inside Out
Ian's Homerun: A "Phone Therapy" Story
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