Evaluations from 2011 Practitioner Training


Evaluations from 2011 Practitioner Training

Numerical Evaluation

About the Presenters
Scale:  1 = Poor; 5 = Excellent
1. Knowledge of Subject – 5
2. Organized – 4.75
3. Interesting Style – 5

About the Material
1. Interesting – 5
2. Usefulness – 5
Overall averages from 8 evaluation forms completed – 4.97

“Out of all the trainings and conferences over the years (that I have attended), this one stands out as the most meaningful and useful both personally and professionally.” – Lynn Victory
“Very informative. More than expected.” – Cheryi Walker
“Excellent, useful and fun.” – Shelly Nafziger
“I loved to see the different styles in doing NLP therapy, i.e. Mike, Bob, Rob Kistler and John Burton.” – Myriam Aerts
“This training equips me to really take truth to heart and help others do the same.”
 “Excellent yet simplistic tools. Very relational which makes connecting to the material more easily. At times the information is almost more that you think you will be able to retain but the practice (exercises) makes it more concrete.”  John Sanger.
“Great! I loved it more in the class (onsite) then on the computer (online).” – Manuel Torres
“Outstanding work!” – Charles Welch


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