Healing - Cure and Science

By E. Gene Rooney

Fully one third of Jesus’ appearances in the Gospels has Him devoted to His ministry of healing and or His discourses  about the cures.

Some Churches, because of the excesses of televangelists and the proven hallucinatory practices of some of them have frowned on healing altogether.

Others simply claim that the “age of miracles is past.”  And ended with the Apostles. They are called “secessionists.”  They believe we are not to be involved with people’s brokenness and ill health. They believe that Jesus’ miracles would be somehow degraded if they could be duplicated.  As a result, the great rationalization that sickness must be God’s will was developed.  Man must not question God’s will or tamper with it by attacking illness.

An extreme convolution of this occurs when we take a loved one to the Doctor.  Then, when all treatments fail, say we must “accept God’s will.”  Does this mean, then, that we expected the Doctor to defeat God’s will?”

The practice of medicine was, in fact, frowned upon  by the early Church.  Medical schools were closed by the Emperor Justinian in A.D. 529, and in A.D. 1215, Pope Innocent III condemned surgery and all who practiced it.  In 1248 the dissection of the body to learn more anatomy was pronounced sacrilegious.

And yet, “Jesus went about all Galilee… hearing all manner of disease.”  (Matt 4:23) and said:  “All that I do you can do too, even more.”  (John 14:12)

Even the term “miracle” is a stumbling block to many.  Webster’s defines it as “an event or effect in the physical world deviating from the laws of Nature.”   This definition, however presupposes that:

  1. We know all the rules of Nature.

  2. How these laws act under every circumstance.

  3. That there is no higher level of natural laws we can yet learn.

  4. God cannot operate beyond or in addition to them.

  5. That one of the natural laws is not that God can intervene in His own world.

Remember that our concept of natural law is based on probability and not possibility; and that evening the field of science, deviations from and exceptions to all natural laws have been noted. 

We understand the macro world very poorly and the micro world not at all, as yet.

Many believe that Jesus’ healings were not deviations of laws but demonstrations of their remarkable wholeness.  No matter how exceptional a case may be, it is not a demonstration of a law’s limitation but of it’s great applications beyond our current understandings.

Many of modern medicine’s common accomplishments today, such as surgery, anesthesia, amputations, drug responses, hypnosis, x-rays, lasers, resuscitation or drowned or electrically shocked victims and so forth – were considered miracles.  No natural laws have been transgressed, but merely understood more fully.  What used to be considered  breaking a law is now known to be in keeping with the law’s fuller understanding.  The future will bring more pushing back the limits of our understandings.

Jesus said He came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it  (Matt 5:17)   Jesus was no magician. In His ministry, He simply fulfilled divine, natural law on a higher level than anyone before or since.  We have not pursued His healing.   We have chosen another, more mechanical, technological approach, leaving His approach to look mystical.  (EX. Just as in a backward Amazonian tribe that pursues mystical healing, the appearance of an airplane appears to break natural law.

Now Jesus did not originate spiritual healing. He didn’t make the laws of healing nor did He break them.  Nor did He heal through some magical or mystical powers – or through a Divine dispensation of the known laws of life.  Spiritual healing is possible simply because we are essentially a spiritual being, and healing is a revelation of that spirituality. 

In fact, none of us ever heals anything. All we do is witness and reap the benefits of healing potential within.  All healing is of God and all healing is scientific.  But we do not understand any of it.  When healing takes place at the hands of a physician, a clergyman or anyone else, he or she is merely operating within the potential created within us

Because of our reductionist way of studying we have gotten away from observing the miracle of “holistic healing”  Thus, we are allowing an old approach to re-evolve.  It is the “medicine of the whole person” 

We are circling around to Socrates  who said that the “part” can never be well unless the “whole is well.”  This very basic and fundamental, yet profoundly simple truth, is moving us back to a greater recognition of the role of  faith  and thought and prayer in the process of healing.

And this whole move is in accordance with Jesus.  Just “look at the record.”  Jesus was intently interested in healing and said: “It is not the will of  your Father, who is in heaven, that one of these little ones will perish.”  (Matt 18:14)

Jesus taught that we live in two worlds, not only in succession but even concurrently.  There is the 3 dimensional world of form, shape time and space – where we have fluctuating experiences of sickness and health, of peace and war, of chaos and harmony.  But we also hare in the 4th dimension as a spiritual being.

There is that part of you that is greater than your weaknesses, stronger than your fears, the 4 dimensional creature that is whole even within your sickness.  You can be healed because you are a whole, even if you are sick.

Don’t be misled when you look into the stream.  It is deeper than it appears.  Don’t be misled in appraising yourself.  You are more than meets the eye.  The limits of our vision cause a refraction.  The total person you are is the person you are in the mind of God, not what you seem looking back from the mirror.

E Gene Roooney
Jefferson City, MO

1997-2006 E. Gene Rooney and Bobby G. Bodenhamer - All rights reserved.