Utilizing the Tools of Linguistics
For Christian Healing & Ministry

About Us:

Hi! My name is Mike Davis and I am the creator and founder of

I have spent the past 17 years learning and studying the subject of change and transformation. I am a corporate trainer, consultant, an ordained Christian minister, and I have a doctorate (Th.D.) in First Century Christianity.

What benefits will you get from this site?

I will share with you what I have learned over the years about "renewing your mind" and mastering your emotions utilizing the latest insights and cutting edge information from the theological, psychological and scientific world.

I will also share with you the tools, strategies, and insights that I have learned, found and/or created over the years that will enable you to:

  • Make long lasting changes.
  • Effectively deal with negative emotions in moments.
  • Overcome fear and master confidence.
  • Change limiting beliefs.
  • Establish empowering beliefs.
  • Close the gap between what you know and what you do.
  • Tap into your passion.
  • ...and much more.

So if you are ready to renew your mind and master your emotions then enter in -and let the mastery begin!


This website promises to provide you with the best and latest Biblical, scientific information and facts available concerning the emotions and their place in your life - information you can put to practical use.

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