What We Believe About Blocking & Stuttering

If you can speak fluently in just one context,
you can learn to speak fluently in all contexts.

How Are We Able To Assist Life-Long PWS In  Gaining Fluency?

I have a simple theory: If one can speak fluently in any context, that person can learn to speak fluently in all contexts?  They obviously already know how to talk. They don’t need to re-learn how to talk. They just need to be able to access the same state of mind that they are in when they are speaking fluently to those times when they block. 

From all of our research and experience with people who suffered from blocking and stuttering and who are now fluent, we now recognize several key factors that explain why it is possible and why it is possible for you.

As you can probably already tell, we believe it is one’s thinking that creates the blocking and stuttering.  We do not believe that if a person is fluent consistently in certain situations and blocks in others that the problem is physical and certainly not genetic. It is a very well learned behavior come from childhood hurts and reinforced through years of practice.

Below you will see the various thought patterns of a person who formerly blocked and stuttered. Her thoughts are typical of people who block and stutter.  From the graphic, you will see the learned patterns of thought (frames of mind) that operated in those contexts where she blocked and stuttered. Does any of those frames of mind sound familiar?

Mental Frames of Mind of a Former Person Who Blocked and Stuttered


By changing some of the key meaning frames of mind, this person has gained complete fluency. We have seen it happen over and over.

From our experience with blocking/stuttering, we believe that:

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