NLP for Prayer Manifestation

Rob McCarter, MS, LPC

  1. Get by yourself....take a deep breath...keep head level and move your eyeballs up OR look straight ahead and allow your vision to "defocus".

  2. Relax, do not strain to think rightly et cetera, JUST relax and verbally repeat the Biblical verse(s), "Be still and know that I am God" and/or "Peace, be still".

  3. Once your subsconcious has indicated to you that you have reached this relaxed state, begin to remind yourself of the things you know about God.

  4. Repeat one or more truths until your subsconcious indicates to you that you are ready to proceed to claim the thing you need...(remember you have the power to call things that are not as though they were until they are)...your need can be anything (e.g., health, prosperity, relationship, patience)....claim it quietly and confidently; as if you’re asking for something to which you’re entitled....


    -He is all powerful

    -He is the source of your total supply

    -He is present everywhere

    -He knows you

    -He loves you because you are you and NOT because of what you have done or not done

    -He protects you

    -He is a very present help in time in trouble

    -He is your rock and redeemer

    -He is your shepherd

    (Note: In step 3 it is important that you do not think about your problem or try to solve it...instead you attend totally to the magnificence and glory of God.)

  5. Give thanks for the accomplished request....with all the gratitude that you would have as if someone handed you a gift...

  6. Do not discuss this procedure with anyone as they may be negative and thus lower your belief level.

  7. In the time between the request and the manifestation, stay relaxed and confident... remember your strength comes from relaxation and confidence

1999 All Rights Reserved. Rob McCarter