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Put Away Childish Thinking


Bobby G. Bodenhamer D.Min. guides the audience through a very enthusiastic presentation “Putting Away Childish Thinking”. This is a fine example of META STATES in understandable layman's terms utilizing Biblical references. Bob uses a unique blend of theory, biblical examples, metaphors and his own style of presentation to lead the audience through this complex subject.  

Jean Piaget studied the behavior of children for 40 years and discovered some basic thinking patterns. These patterns can be seen in unconscious behaviors of adults that limits their ability to reach goals and objectives.  

Bob brings to light some of these patterns, applies META-STATE logic to them from a Christian point of view. He shows us how to recognize these patterns in ourselves and change our thinking. This 1 hour 45 minute seminar is offered in video and audio cassette. See  below for ordering details.

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Bobby G. Bodenhamer D. Min.  

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